love in bed

erotica by j.j.kirnan

copyright 2003-19 jjkirnan all rights reserved

{girl in love}

She glanced back into the bedroom.

Yes, still true.

Boy in bed.

She drifted back into the bathroom.

In the mirror, long fingers of one hand at the side of her face moved slowly across her cheek, as if to assure by touch this reality was real. Hair – run amok. Face – bare. He had made her wash everything off. A bite mark at the base of the neck flared red, a trophy she earned in retaliation for inflicting a love wound on his hip.

She stood staring into the reflection’s eyes, self-possession scattered, with no urge to find the pieces and glue her old self back together. She was simply that god-awful sappy-happy female person in the mirror looking back at her, naked and limp.

Girl in love.

He arrived at the door of the bathroom. She turned to show him the femme from the mirror.

“Fucking beautiful,” he said.


His first step broke the spell. She offered open arms that drew him into embrace, pulled him against her fully, including the inescapable male member. It sizzled, the shock of his skin on hers everywhere, his smell, his possessive hands on her back, murmurs of pleasure in his throat, and a fat, open kiss – so good she felt queasy in her belly.

The embrace broke up. She slipped into the shower, into its hot storm.

“Feels so good,” she called over the shower door.

“Did you sleep well?” he asked.

“I have no idea. You mean this is not still sleeping?”

“This is no dream, this is really happening.”

“Feels so good,” she said again.

He stepped in behind her, his body pressing with weight, insistent. So natural when embracing from behind for his hands to circle and take her breasts in them.

With a sigh, she leaned her upper body back against his chest and let him touch as wished, hands slipping over her soapy flesh, feeling the full mounds go in and out of his fingers. He kept sliding the nipples into the center of his palms, shifting back and forth, testing if they would put a dent in him. She felt his cock beating against her, harder now because of how completely she gave her body.

“Take everything …” she murmured.

That made him spin her around, to take her mouth first. She surrendered it. He eased inside, all the way in, kissing the deep places, putting his tongue under hers. They twisted under the hot cascade of water.

Minutes later, they had washed all over, shampooing each other’s hair. Hers was long and demanded a lot of attention. She became aware of how much he liked that.

Now they were drying each other, knowing with certainty this was but an interlude, with sex continuous. She was teasing with all her might. His restraint shocked. How can you not just grab me and slam me against the wall and nail me to it with your fucking cock?

She finally overflowed, ran into the bedroom, threw off the towel, and launched herself with a screech onto the bed, landing face down, pounding her feet into it, churning against the sheets. She looked over her shoulder and saw him approaching, cock jutting stiff and strong.

She screamed with outrage. “It’s going to fuck me.”

He laughed. “Well, you’re belly-down, legs locked, face in the pillow, so I’d say it’s doubtful.”

She turned her head to look up, suffused with laughter. “It’s too big,” she said, “you can’t get that in me.”

“Oh no?”

“I’m just this little thing. That must be for someone else. It’s too big.”

“Okay, I’ll just put it away,” he said, mocking broadly, turning away.

“No no no no no! Come back, come back, I didn’t mean it,” she pleaded, laughing.

He turned and marched right to the edge of the bed. She sobered. With eyes big and heart in throat, she spoke quietly.

“Put it in me.”

“Turn over,” he ordered.

She rolled onto her back.


Thighs parted, hips sank into the bed, shifting to make room for him, creating the space where he would be. Slowly, achingly, her femme-heart thumping with safe-risk, a feeling so good she must go slow to make it wonderful, she exposed her sexual self. Incredible how long it took to spread her legs wide.

Immediately he moved above, engaging her eyes. The big sweet shaft opened the lips, put its head inside, and in one smooth stroke, plunged to the bottom, pushing her wet insides apart.

Her stomach dropped with a thrill like a fall into space.

“Oh my God …”

Her flesh flowed around his organ as if liquid – thick liquid sex. The vagina fit its muscles in place and squeezed down, once, twice, again – utterly carnal in intent.

He held still.

“Do that again.”

She squeezed him tight.

“Can you do it a thousand times?”

She nodded, dreamy seduction in her eyes. She contracted again – and again – watching to see the effect, greedy to make his mind cream over.

She knew what to give, this time. “Don’t wait for me,” she whispered. “Put it in how it feels good and go all the way. Don’t stop.” She contracted around him, so tight, so good. “I’m going to keep squeezing.”

He drew out. The tip stopped an inch above the parted lips, then poised between them, hesitating. She didn’t breathe. Then, the thrust, quick and deep, the passing making her insides ripple. She raised her hands to his neck, circled him gently, moved her fingers in his hair, and with a deep sigh, surrendered her body.

Later she would go for fireworks for herself, but now – to let him have his way. She absorbed the rhythmic thrusts, looking down to see the exact juncture of his erection pushing through the lips, pouty and swollen.

“…being fucked silly …” she murmured, as if observing a lucky girl other than her.

She kept up her contractions, content to stay close at hand, to be holding her legs apart, brilliantly aware of allowing a man to penetrate her opening, his erection jolting her entire sex, fucking her, fucking her so good, fucking her. Her body shook to the root with each plunge of male strength.

Soon he reached the inevitable end, roaring into the air of the small bedroom, arching his back, and with the magnificent power of a wild beast – one she held serenely in her arms – slammed his cock a final time into her core.

The man-beast collapsed on her. She circled warm arms and legs around him and pulled, urging his full weight to crush down. His cock, if anything, went deeper than ever. Hard for a moment longer.

Her mind lit up with a sweet wanton question: what kind of a girl would keep her heart soft, tell him to take everything, spread her body wide, let him penetrate, beg to be fucked so much?

Girl in love.